Congratulations Matt Dawson! What a solid 6 months it’s been.

We will be uploading a video of Matt recounting his time with Upfront so far some time in the next week. For now we can take a look at his first 1RM session. Plenty of form fixes for the future, but super solid regardless!

Matt’s totals are:

Squat: 150kg (though…it looks like he could have done more, ay mate?)Bench: 90kgPress: 60kgDeadlift: 145kg

Matt started with Upfront by tagging along with a friend to see what it was like. Not too keen on exercise or good eating, but knew he was not happy with how he looked and felt.

Matt has put on several kg’s of lean muscle in the last 6 months, has learnt why barbells are one of the best ways for novices to get started and how to do it well.

Over the next 8 weeks we are going to hit hard some hypertrophy and toning, so get ready for some solid results by Christmas!

If you’re at all interested in how Upfront can help you reach your ideal vision of yourself don’t hesitate to contact us on fb messenger, or

email: 0430-155-251

‘Upfront Fitness is your guide to physical competency. Equipping you with skills to get strong and stay strong.’


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