Trial sessions

Trial sessions are all about establishing a firm foundation. If you’ve been following Upfront Fitness’ Facebook page for a while you may have noticed we often talk about sustainability and longevity, saying things like “I don’t care what you achieve in 6 months (though it’s still important) I want to see where you’re at in 6 years.” Why? Because the research shows again and again that people are quite good at say, loosing weight in the short term, but pretty bad at keeping it off in the long term. Sustainable goals are much harder than short term ones.

So UF’s trials are to help people start strong and maintain that strength. The way we do that is as follows:

  1. Analyze health status – before starting you will be required to fill out a client profile and questionnaire. A key component of this is to answer questions relating to your health and it’s history. To create a custom tailored plan we need to know where you’re at and where you’ve come from.
  2. Exercise history – similar to point 1, this really helps us get a grasp on your ability, likes and dislikes and inform many of the choices going forward.
  3. Goals – You will be asked many questions about your goals, not just what you WANT to achieve but more importantly WHY you want to achieve them and how motivated you really are to reaching these goals.
  4. Assess ability and understanding – the trial sessions devote considerable time towards assessing both your physical ability and your current understandings around health and fitness. You don’t know what you don’t know and Upfront is very much about teaching independence.
  5. Creating a flexible plan – Taking the culmination of information from the first 4 points we will discuss together how I think Upfront is able to help you and create a flexible plan to help you get to where you’re going as efficiently as possible. Flexible is highlighted because we need a plan that’s able to adapt to your ever changing world. If your diet and exercise plan cannot roll with life’s punches, it’s unlikely to work long-term.

At Upfront Fitness we believe helping people is #1 and so we pride ourselves on our free trial sessions as a means of helping people who want change but are sick of putting money down nervous about whether they will get results. By the end of our time together you will have a good idea of exactly what process we intend to use to help you achieve your best.

**Special Autumn offer**

For the months of March, April and May of 2020 Upfront Fitness is offering 2 free trial sessions instead of our usual 1. This gives us even more time to thoroughly explore how we can help you with no cost and no obligation.


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