You’ve reached your goal! …now what?

Without trying to get too philosophical this morning I think the reality that our desires and appetites are never quite satisfied is really interesting. I thought about this as I looked at my reflection this morning as I begin my cut. The lighting wasn’t flattering and my pale, almost transparent skin tone wasn’t helping. I thought to myself “I want to tone up during this cut to look like X…but then what?” See one thing I know about myself is I am truly never really satisfied, I guess it’s why gluttony and greed are two of humanities deadly sins. I can always eat one more M&M, have one more late night game with a friend, indulge in one more youtube video before bed, get one more set of bench press in even though my shoulder is killing me and I could always be leaner.

This blog is short, sweet and off the cuff and I am not going to say which of your goals or my goals is right or wrong (at least not for the moment) it’s something you need to ask for yourself. What is the goal, how valuable is it to achieve and really how much good do you think it will bring you once you’ve accomplished it. Happiness and satisfaction are different, joy and pleasure are different and so I think it’s important to really weigh up what’s most important. So what really means most to me with this cut, or rather what SHOULD be my focus for this cut? Loosing a bit of fat, sure, but I am not too worried about looking the part or looking a certain way because most of the time it’s really only my wife who see’s me anyway and shes happy when I am 20% bodyfat or 12%. So I am doing this for my clients, to put myself in their shoes, I am doing it to learn and to teach myself discipline. I am also doing it to help with gains further down the track as we know cycling phases of training can help re-sensitize you to growth.

Just remember the fish from ‘Finding Nemo’ as they strive so hard to escape captivity. It’s all consuming for them and once they finally reach it they celebrate for but a moment and then say “now what?”. Because you need another goal to keep going and once you reach that you will make another goal. If you’ve ever played mincraft that’s all that came is, it doesn’t really have a conclusion. If you’re only focusing on the goal and never enjoying the process, I reckon maybe your goal needs a change OR you need to change your perspective and do some reflection.

Hope this little thought helps you in some way, goals are great, but they are momentary as some of the worlds best coaches and athletes can attest to (check out this incredible podcast to see what I mean ). Strive to your goals, but cling to the joy along the way.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Kind regards, Ryan J – Upfront Fitness.