Free Strength workshops for High school students these July holidays

Upfront Fitness is once again going to be running our free holiday strength workshops. These are a fantastic opportunity for teens of any ability to come and experience not only the value, but the fun of lifting. These workshops are of benefit to anyone. From the kid who needs help getting off the couch, to the athlete looking for that next tool for improving their sports performance, resistance training can help.

Dates for the workshops and information on resistance training for adolescents can be found below:

Sessions run for 60 minutes with a max of 4 participants. The sessions are run at Upfront’s private gym in Bradbury. We will be primarily covering the 3 foundational lifts: Squat, Bench and Deadlift.

Tuesday 9th and 16th July – Squat – 9-10 am
Wednesday 10th and 17th July – Bench Press – 9-10 am
Thursday 11th and 18th July – Deadlift – 9-10 am

Again these are totally free, first in best dressed. Bookings are essential.

Here are two videos of one of my adolescent clients:
Overhead Press (which may be covered in the workshops time permitting)

To make a booking please contact Upfront via:

Mobile: 0430-155-251

Some common questions/myths with youth resistance training

Q. Doesn’t resistance training stunt kids growth?

A. Absolutely not. This claim has been discredited for quite a while now. It is true that developing kids and teens are more susceptible to growth plate damage, but this is typically due to poor form, poor programming and suffering an injury. At Upfront we pride ourselves on our ability to teach exceptionally good technique and this has never been an issue. ( )

Q. Isn’t lifting weights really risky?

A. Resistance training, specifically powerlifting for youth, (that is heavy bench, squat and deadlifting) has one of the lowest injury rates among any fitness activity.

Quote: “In fact, one study found the rate to be around 0.035 injuries per 100 participant hours in RT (resistance training) (31). A separate study of adolescent power-lifters showed an injury rate of 0.29 per 100 participant hours, and these are individuals who would be lifting larger loads and more complicated lifts such as bench press, deadlift, and back squats (32). This is in comparison to heavier contact sports such as rugby, which have been shown to have injury rates near 0.800 per 100 participant hours, much higher than those demonstrated in RT.” ( )

Resistance training actually has a net positive effect on injury reduction, prevention and in many cases can help treat and improve current injuries.

Quote: “Proper RT programs have a plethora of associated benefits including increased strength, lower rates of sports-related injury, increased bone strength index (BSI), decreased risk of fracture and improved self-esteem and interest in fitness.” ( )

Research shows that combining good resistance training with any sport appears to improve performance and decrease injury.

Q. As a girl will I get bulky?

A. No. Even for men it takes a while to get ‘bulky’ and getting ‘too big’ tends not to happen overnight. It’s a gradual process you are free to stop or change at any time. Increased muscle mass for girls is incredibly valuable, especially in the realm of toning and remaining at a healthy body weight. More lean body mass burns more calories by default and so having more muscle is actually very helpful to avoid putting on undesired weight.

Quote: “One of the suggested reasons for this lack of long term success is the loss of LBM (lean body mass / muscle) that occurs with the weight loss. Therefore, recent focus in the weight loss literature has been not just on total weight loss but on improving body composition. “
( )

If you have any other questions please feel free to email them through to me at