Upfront Fitness – what is it we do?

Lifestyle matters…you do it every day

In this blog I want to share with you exactly what it is that Upfront Fitness actually does, because even as its owner, this is something I struggled for a long while to be able to articulate clearly. See, there’s this thing in business I never knew about till I started doing it called your “unique selling point” and I genuinely wrestled for a long time trying to figure out what that was. I enjoyed what I did, I loved helping people, but so do many PT’s, so what was it that was different? The answer actually came from my clients when they gave me feedback. The most frequent and common praise I received was “Ryan is really passionate about his clients and wants the best for them. He will go out of his way to find a way to get you your results and stick with them.” And so it clicked: ‘Upfront Fitness, guiding you to lasting lifestyle changes to create lasting lifetime results’. I am in this business, like any business to solve a problem and what Upfront does is buckle up in the passenger seat, slap on the helmet and go along with you for the ride in the thick of it. I am excited to help each individual and unique client reach their goals and help them make a lifestyle out of it.

At their core, each client has a lifestyle problem, that is, a problem with how they live. I mean this in the truest sense and it doesn’t mean I am accusing everyone of living in shoddy conditions or having a bad life, by no means. The point is the manner in which you do your day to day routine determines how, why, when and what you eat, the exercise (if any) you do, your understanding of these things and then how this impacts your body. In my experience people aren’t off the rails with their lifestyle, their routine is just a little off, like your car pulling to the left just that bit too much because the wheel alignment is out. Generally people don’t get unfit and unhealthy fast (they can though) it’s typically due to gradual changes in their lives the impacts of which can go somewhat unnoticed until it accumulates. A single drop from a dripping tap is pretty inconsequential, until its been going for a few weeks and suddenly your water bill is considerably larger than last time, that’s exactly what it’s like. You just got married, you had your first child, maybe changed jobs and with that inherited a commute to work every day, or you got an injury playing soccer this season and you’ve gone from training plus the game each week to doing nothing. Over time all these things add up and often its far easier to dig yourself into a hole than it is to know how to get out. This is what I love most about Upfront, our job is not to build you a ladder and help you up, its teaching you how to get yourself out of the situation, guiding and encouraging you along the way.

We teach people how to spend as little time in the gym as possible to get the most results. We teach people how to understand how, what and why they are eating and then make small adjustments over time to meet your goals. You like pizza? That’s fine (me too, homemade, good stuff) you can eat pizza as long as its planned and accounted for in context. At Upfront Fitness we work with you where you are, using the foods you like and your weekly timetable to make regular exercise and more structured eating like brushing your teeth, its just something you do. Isn’t that what we prefer anyway? To have the body we want, for the most part eat the foods we like, and not have to feel like it’s a burden or that we have to go out of our way to do it? Isn’t it easier when its just part of the routine and dare I say, even something we end up enjoying ?*gasp*. This has been many of my clients, some of which now built home gyms and train several days a week for fun and the best part is, it gets easier the more you do it.

If you have a problem Upfront can solve it. We would love to hear from you what you’re currently struggling with, what you’re wanting to change or improve and we will give you some tips and feedback to help you get started.

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‘Upfront Fitness, guiding you to lasting lifestyle changes to create lasting lifetime results’
Regards, Ryan J.