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Choose your Program

Choose from three 10 week programs designed to get you on the way…Fast

Upfront Training

Strength, Power, Control…Approach any lift or machine in the gym with confidence

✓Build Muscle & Gain Strength

✓Gain access to our PT fundamentals video series

✓Custom Programming to suit your ability

✓Learn to manage existing pain and injury

✓Lifting theory so you understand the WHY & HOW

✓Weekly check ins, updates & easy access to your coach

Upfront Nutrition

Become the master of your kitchen, and the direction of the scales

✓Learn the Science of weight loss (and weight gain!)

✓Give your body the fuel it needs to thrive

✓Gain access to our nutrition fundamentals video series

✓Understand your own bodies needs

✓Individualized coaching – no cookie cutter plans!

 ✓Weekly check ins, updates & easy access to your coach

Upfront Ultimate

Gym provides the stimulus, nutrition provides the fuel. Upfront Ultimate gives you the best of both so you see results faster!

✓Everything included in the Upfront Training Plan

✓Everything Included in the Upfront Nutrition Plan

✓Learn how to take advantage of the synergy between your training and nutrition

✓The fastest way to reach your goals

✓Save Time and Money, this is the ultimate package

**Special offer**
Start with a friend and both recieve 15% off!

Design your own Package

Already a gym rat but have hit a stall? You and some friends want to do a group challenge? Need advice for the off-season? Check out Upfront Custom! Reach out and we’ll tailor a service package just for you

Upfront Custom

Even more customized packages and pricing!

✓Small Group Sessions

✓Off Season Strength Training (Footy, Soccer, Cricket etc.)

✓Multiple Sessions per week (Reduced rates)

✓Adolescent workshops 

✓Corporate seminars and workshops

More Than a Workout

This is NOT your typical 45 minute PT session…the boring cardio warm up, a couple of exercises to make you hot and tired and leave with no real idea what any of that was about…

Every detail along the way is explained and every question answered.

Giving YOU the knowledge and skills to change your life is our specialty.


Hit the gym inspired and motivated! Become  energetic, driven & dedicated.

Watch your strength grow as the bar gets heavier and everyday life feels lighter…

We work together to overcome every obstacle, so your hard work pays off.


We equip you with the knowledge and skills to  take your fitness and nutrition to the next level.

You will walk into any gym and know how to use the equipment.

Education is our passion and to achieve lasting results, understanding is key.


We focus on only you!

Our private facility lets you learn and grow with complete freedom.

every moment tailored to work for YOU

You choose the time, you pick the music & together we focus on building the best version you.

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Based on 23 reviews.
I came into UF being quite cynical about exercise and complacent about nutrition. I very much thought gyms, lifting etc. was just for guys and not someone like me (a 20-something female with no clear goals). Ryan really changed my perspective on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. He is absolutely dedicated to his clients, seeks to understand their needs/goals and meets them where they are at while also encouraging them to take responsibility and reach their potential – he wouldn’t be a good PT if he did everything for you. He equips you with tools and facilitates your own growth. I would definitely recommend giving UF a go, especially if you are someone like me who wasn’t super motivated for exercise, and didn’t always see the value in effort for nutrition. Go have a chat with Ryan!
Joshua Pullin
Joshua Pullin
Ryan is professional and committed to every one he works with. Within the first couple of weeks, my back pain was better than ever and over the past couple of years, I've learnt life long skills to help me train, get stronger, manage my diet, and set long and short term goals. Ryan doesn't just tell you what to do, he helps you in any way possible to get where you want to be. Life is a roller coaster sometimes and he gets that - he makes sure the training is best suited to your circumstances so you can make the most of it even when life is hard. I've loved getting stronger and hitting new records for my lifts and I've never been sporty or very active in the past but Ryan creates an environment and encourages you to keep pushing and to see how far you've come. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a personal trainer that really cares about you and will work hard for you.
Matthew Dawson
Matthew Dawson
Deciding to train with Upfront Fitness has been one of the best life decisions I have ever made. Over the last 3 years I have learned more about myself than perhaps almost any other trial I have walked in life. If there was an option to give 6 stars I would complain that I couldn’t give 7. The dedication and care to every single detail of my training life is nothing short of astounding. From a serial exercise hater to someone who is head over heels in love with the gym, the transformation I have undertaken during my time here is astounding. My mindset, knowledge, skill set and physique have been improved almost immeasurably and for this I have Upfront to thank. Can’t wait to see what the next 3 years will bring!
Bronte Dawson
Bronte Dawson
Upfront fitness differs from the masses due to the attention to detail that Ryan employs every day. Each session I learn something new and found a motivation which I didn't think was possible. Highly recommend Upfront Fitness for anyone who feels confronted by commercial gyms, wants to have someone genuinely invest in their goals or wants a positive and informative space to start/continue their fitness journey.
Christian Valenzuela
Christian Valenzuela
Ryan was super encouraging and helped me understand my own fitness goals and mindsets. Such an amazing journey and he's always helping me along every step and push.
Mandy Perrin
Mandy Perrin
Great gym experience offering a high standard of personalised service for all ages. Plenty of scope for the over 50s to improve their fitness and health. Ryan keeps you motivated to achieve your goals.
Briana Williamson
Briana Williamson
Ryan is a helpful trainer who is passionate about health and really seeks to help you achieve your goals. He is respectful and understanding of your circumstances, but helps you to push past your comfort zone and make the changes that are necessary for progress. His passion for proper technique was super comfortable to step into as a beginner too. I highly recommend Upfront Fitness!
Dean Hooper
Dean Hooper
Upfront Fitness has been helped me immensely with my fitness goals. Ryan is really quick to answer any questions related to training or nutrition that I have throughout the week and gives constructive feedback whenever I send him training videos. If you want a trainer who will work closely with you to achieve your fitness/lifestyle goals I'd highly recommend Upfront Fitness!
Mark Mannion
Mark Mannion
Have been training with Ryan for just over a year. Through that time he has helped my strength, mobility and power to where I am lifting heavier than I ever have before. He has guided me through injuries and busy periods in life always tailoring my program to my goals and circumstances. Can't recommend him enough if you are serious about strength and power training.
Hannah Pullin
Hannah Pullin
Best personal trainer you could ask for - he will go over and beyond to help you achieve your goals for fitness and health and will work with you to utilise your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage for weight loss, strength training and more. Highly recommend.

“When I first started, My goal was just to lose a few Kilos. I never saw myself lifting Huge weights or being proud of my physique”

Ryan was always a message away if I had any questions about my program, exercises, or any general training concerns.

I never thought that I would love exercising so much! Ryan’s combined expertise with weight lifting and REALISTIC diet changes has changed my life. My husband and I have committed to our health in a whole new way.

Upfront Fitness guided me through injuries and busy periods in life always tailoring my program to my goals and circumstances.
Can’t recommend enough if you are serious about strength and power training.