Life Is Better When You Lift


You got yourself into this mess, and I’m sorry to say, I can’t get you out of it.Today’s blog post is about the very heart of Upfront Fitness’ mission: Independence. Firstly, why do personal trainers exist? To fix a problem. What is the problem? Well typically people are not happy with their current level of health, nor how they look, feel and perform. So my job is to help you identify what has led you to these issues and how to (over time) get the results you want. There is one major proviso though: I am not the fairy godmother, I am not a genie.


My goal for you is to have independence so you can manage to maintain goals yourself and that means you gotta lift the thing, eat the thing, do the right thing.This blog and following point will not apply to everyone (like nothing really does) but it will apply to I dare say, most people: you are in your situation because of you. That’s not an attack, that’s just reality. It does not mean you did it on purpose per se, it just means something has changed in your lifestyle that moved you from when you were happy and healthy, to where you are now. This concept of gradual, undesirable lifestyle change was discussed in a previous blog of mine (found here). Now generally you won’t always be able to figure out what went wrong, when, how and why, let alone how to fix it, so that’s what Upfront does. I will take each client and work with them to figure out what key weekly habits are the major contributors or barriers to the level of health and fitness you desire and then we can begin making gradual changes that are manageable in order for you to get the results you want. However, here’s the rub: you have to actually implement the changes recommended to you. Some people are capable of making big changes really quickly, maybe because they are wired that way or their current lifestyle conditions are such that bigger changes are more easily managed. But for many it has to be done in gradual bite sized chunks and the real important factor is: are you making any changes at all? Now I will work with you if one intervention isn’t really working for you and look to find alternatives, but you have to meet me half way. If you’re not willing to implement even the most basic of recommendations, please, move along, I am here to get results. Yes, change is hard but to continue the way you have been doing things, even with the best of intentions, is like trying to dig your way out of the hole you’ve made…by continuing to dig straight down…or dare I say, thinking you can ‘dig up’.Now I’ll be with you 100% of the way, and if need be will give you a push to reach your wishes and desires even if you’re fighting against it (and so following our Aladdin theme…)

(Except it’s more like ‘squat down, up and repeat for sets of 5’ )

But the reality is I’d rather not have to be like that

(Yup, I like my memes)

Breaking through psychological barriers is one of the major markers of progress when undertaking training with Upfront. Often times more significant than whatever the weight is on the bar. This blog is simply designed to set the standards, set the expectation, to focus you and fire you up. You want results? I’m right there with you, but don’t expect anything if you refuse to work at the basics. Get to sessions on time, follow the recommendations, push yourself, make the change and most importantly – communicate. You’re struggling? Hit me up. You’re feeling sore and beat up? Let’s chat. You’re motivation is down, you don’t want to train, you’re hungry, you hate tracking food, you’re stressed and burnt out? OK, all very common and we can work around it. But set your eyes on the prize, be honest with yourself and with me and let’s do this thing!If you’re ready to make a change, but not sure where to start, please feel free to contact Upfront today and I’d be happy to chat with you and answer your questions.Email: FB messenger:

‘Upfront Fitness, guiding you to lasting lifestyle changes to create lasting lifetime results’ Always wishing you the best, Ryan J.


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