This is my recipe for a super fast easy seasoned chicken wrap. I think it’s delicious as it really suits my preferred tastes and it’s whipped up in no time.
> 1 tortilla/ wrap (your choice it really doesn’t matter)
> Grated cheese 13g
> Grated carrot 30g + (seriously, whatever quantities you want)
> Lettuce (again…however much you want)
> Olive oil, 3ml
> BBQ sauce 12ml (or swap this out for whatever you want. Noticing a trend?)
> Chicken breast 170g….or more because = whatever you want
> Seasoning/Rub for the chicken – any kind you want.
I have used this one before = I add more chili and cayenne pepper. Also I recommend you make a big batch of this once you figure out the ratios you yourself prefer and keep it in a zip lock bag. Saves a lot of time in future to rub on a pre mix rather than doing it each time manually.
1) Cut chicken into whatever sized pieces you want. Generally thinner is better. Rub on as much of the seasoning as you like.
2) Grate and prep the lettuce, carrot and cheese – set aside.
3) Heat a pan to medium high. Once hot add your oil and cook chicken until white all the way through.
4) Set Chicken aside and place tortilla in the pan, microwave, or oven to get it hot and easier to roll up (also sucks up some pan juices which is tasty).
5) Assemble. For me this means slap the chicken on the wrap, carrot, cheese and lettuce on top, drizzle the BBQ sauce and shove in my gob.That’s pretty much it.
For me one of these will give me roughly:
Calories: 644
Protein: 60
Obviously adding more wraps, more cheese, more chicken, or less (depending on your tastes) will change the amounts. Also changing up the sauce, adding or swapping out other toppings and vegetables etc. But as you can see, it’s a very easy recipe to swap stuff out for and account for the caloric and macro changes yourself when you record this meal. Any issues just flick me an email or facebook message and I’d be happy to help!
Thanks all!
Happy eating.


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