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Upfront fitness provides clients with the knowledge and ability to change their life for the better. The personalised and highly customisable personal training and nutritions services we have available are here to kickstart your journey, whether you are an experienced gym goer or someone looking to make a positive change, we are here with you every step of the way.

Weekly training sessions take place at our private gym Located in Narellan Vale in Sydney’s South West. You don’t need to feel the gaze of other gym junkies, or the distration of those around you, just you, your coach and your personal road ahead.

How it Works


A strong body is a healthy body. Muscles and bones provide the platform for all that we do in our lives. Speed, technique and power are all developed through our personalised resistance training regimes.


Forging a healthy lifestyle can be a headache, with so much conflicting information available. We provide you with clear and simple guidance on how to live your best life, all backed by science.


 All our sessions are tailored to your every need. Our private training facility allows you learn and grow with complete freedom. No prying eyes, just you and your coach.

Looking to Push it even further?

Upfront Custom

Have a Gym buddy in mind? Just need someone to guide you to that next lifting PR? Or maybe you need to shred down just a little bit further for that next photo-shoot.

Contact us to arrange a custom package. We provide couples and family sessions, Business and sports club presentations, and private consulting for serious athletes too!

Getting Started

Choose from three 10 week intensive programs designed to get you to your goals the fastest.

Upfront Training

Arm yourself with the tools to make you unstoppable in the gym. The Upfront Training program guides you through all of the essential gym exercises. With 1 to 1 guidance with your coach you will learn the ins and outs of every tool in the gym and how to use it to your advantage.


Upfront Nutrition

A good body requires good fuel. The Upfront Nutrition program provides you with the knowledge and insight to change your lifestyle for the better. You will gain an unprecedented understanding of your own personal nutrition requirements and how to prepare stunning meals that will see you shed kilos in no time.


Upfront Ultimate

The ultimate fuel to the fire. Knowledge and Power in one. Upfront Ultimate combines our both Nutrition and Training programs to provide you with the fastest results possible. These sessions are designed to accelerate anyone keen enough to make a MASSIVE change to their life FAST!


Prices above are per session. Minimum commitment of 10 sessions required for new clients. Positions are limited.

“When I first started, My goal was just to lose a few Kilos. Multiple Power-lifting competitions later, my entire Life has changed for the better”

Ryan was always a message away if I had any questions about my program, exercises, or any general training concerns.

I never thought that I would love exercising so much! Ryan’s combined expertise with weight lifting and REALISTIC diet changes has changed my life. My husband and I have committed to our health in a whole new way.

Upfront Fitness guided me through injuries and busy periods in life always tailoring my program to my goals and circumstances.
Can’t recommend enough if you are serious about strength and power training.

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